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Still Electric by Primitive Radio Gods

The Primitive Radio Gods are best known for their chart hit Standing outside a
broken phone booth with money in my hand which appeared on the soundtrack to the
movie the Cable Guy. While many may have written them off as a one hit wonder they
have continued to produce some ground breaking music which for some reason has been
ignored by many radio stations. In 2001 they put out the flawless masterpiece White
Hot Peach, which while hailed by this reviewer as being the clear #1 album of the
year was not picked up by anyone else. The good news perhaps is that they have been
able to continue in their own musicial direction and have produced yet another work
of art in album number three Still Electric!

The Primitive Radio Gods have taken their music to yet another level from their
astounding White Hot Peach release. The music here is even more experimental than
before with some amazing atmosperic and ambiant sounds. At times the album is dense
and chaotic yet retains a certain beauty to it. There is a very unique sound on this
album, not only to other musicians but even to what the band have produced
beforehand. On top of the heavy slow sounds is the breathtaking voice of Chris
O'Conner which allows all the musical elements to fall into place.
The album opens sounding like a record player and the ambiant Good Evening San
Fransisco. Next comes the slow paced What if I Sped, and the Underground Solution.
Under the Grey Star, has a curious echoing feel to it, sounding like they are playing
in a bathroom, the effect if quite stunning. Up the Arbor is another slow paced
beauty that mixes shoegazing and grunge elements successfully. The tracks Children
of the Helmet Law, Ripped in November and Self Serve Island show elements of
the sounds the band were making in their previous releases. The final track Apso
Foogin' Lootly is a 2 minute piano solo followed by some wierd zapping sounds
closing the record.

The Primitive Radio Gods would have to be one of the most underrated bands around at
the moment. This is yet another outstanding release in which the band push all sorts
of musical boundries creating a stunning soundscape. The one gripe is that the
album could have been a bit longer (clocking in just under 35 minutes) however there
certanly is no filler here has every song is an extraordinary masterpiece. Those of
you who are open to new and unusual sounds will find something truly beautiful in
Still Electirc.

Richard Rowe
Tomato Records Monthly





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